Why is a competitive ranking review so valuable? Your goal is to drive more leads and sales by increasing your website traffic, right? So, doesn’t it make sense to start by learning HOW your audience is searching to find competitors on the search engines? Reviewing your competitors page-1 search results will provide the insights you can use to drive a content strategy that leads to more website traffic, prospects and sales.

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Content Topics vs Keywords

Isn’t it interesting that Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines from December 2019 mentions the word “topic” 127 times but, only mentions the word “keyword” 7 times. And all seven times it was about “keyword stuffing”…a negative SEO strategy long observed as spam.

Why is “topic” now the buzzword instead of “keywords”, aren’t they the same? Well, in a sense they are, but actually they aren’t. Yes, because a topic includes many different keywords of the same ilk. No, because “keyword” is a much narrower term than “topic”. You see, for every topic there can literally be tens, hundreds or even thousands of search queries (aka keywords) used by an audience. Today it is best practice to use multiple keywords in your content, with variations that your audience uses, to describe a topic. This also helps search engines understand what your website is about at a deeper level.

For example, quick results from research on the topic of “blue bridesmaid dresses” yielded 3,483 keywords with a total volume of 143,700 monthly queries on Google with an average keyword difficulty of 79.72%. Some topic categories within included navy (561 keywords), royal (317 keywords), light (247 keywords) dusty (217 keywords) and long (176 keywords).

The most popular “navy” keyword phrases included navy blue bridesmaid dress (22,200/month), dusty blue bridesmaid dresses (12,100 per month), blue bridesmaid dresses (9,900 per month). All told, there were 140 different keyword sub-topics included in the blue bridesmaid topic. So focus on topics first, then keywords.


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Why so many variations of the same search query?

What is driving all of these variations of a topic? Obviously, its popularity. But the estimated number of keyword queries are also growing rapidly. Google is processing over 5 billion searches a day in early 2020 and about 15% of those have never been searched before. What is driving that change is voice search. Search Engine Land reported that an Adobe survey released in July of 2019 predicted that 48% of consumers are using voice search for a variety of web searches. They include quick facts (68%), directions (65%), business searches (47%), researching products and services (44%) and creating a shopping list (39%).


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Why this helps your website

So, researching keywords (aka search queries) by themselves is very limiting. Researching topics can provide you with a variety of ways that people search for a product or service. This is important because the search engines need your help. They need your help identifying what your website is about. Using a variety of keyword phrases within a topic expands the different ways that your content can be matched up with relevant keyword queries. RankBrain and Bert were both algorithm updates that addressed these issues.

This enables you to rank for more long tail keywords as well. Long tail keywords are those that use more words in the query. They are usually searched less often but also are more descriptive, which generally is related to a higher relevancy to the content of your website. Therefore, we believe they drive more engagement and conversions.

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What we deliver in competitive research

We deliver a very comprehensive competitive ranking report that shows you how well each website is showing up on page 1 of Google, by topic. This is a key differentiator in the way we inform prospects about the opportunity that search engine optimization provides. How deep is the topic by keyword count? How deep is the topic by search count? How far ahead of you are your competitors, by topic? With this information, you can develop a content strategy that is focused on the many different ways that your audience searches for your most profitable products and services.

How is competitive research done? First, we help you by doing most of the work. You are responsible for providing us with a short list of your competitors. Also, we need your help to prioritize the products and services you want to promote on your website. Help us understand your audience in terms of their pain points and how you solve them. How do you think people search for your type of business if they knew what the solution to their problem was? What geographic territory do you provide solutions for?

Once we have collected this information, we then gather competitive intel on Domain Authority, keyword rankings, Organic search trends and current page-1 Google visibility (impressions) by Topic. They key difference with our competitive research is that we identify the competitive winners and losers by search topic.

We report on literally thousands of keywords and concisely state for each competitor, their page-1 presence by topic. We count the number of total keywords, the number of page-1 ranking keywords, the number of monthly page-1 impressions for each keyword, and also by topic. Then we compare all that data across all competitors on one, easy-to-read screen, so that you can see who’s winning and losing…by topic.

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How to qualify for our FREE research

All we require to qualify for this extensive research is that you have a minimum SEO budget of at least $500 per month and that you have a desire to grow your website traffic and take it to the next level. This whole process from start to finish should only take you 1-2 hours. We spend about 6 hours collecting the information from you, doing our research, and presenting the insights with you on a screen share meeting.

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If you are a startup or just don’t have the funds to commit to a professional SEO campaign, that’s okay. We still have something for you that can be very impactful. Rather than putting keywords into topic buckets, we will simply state for you the number of total keywords and searches, per month that occur relevant to your website on Google. Additionally, you’ll learn which keywords and their related search counts are landing on page-1. And, we will compare same to 2 of your top competitors that you name.

We look forward to helping you determine the benefits that a professional SEO campaign can provide and point you to the most important topics that can drive your content strategy and maximize audience engagement.

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