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As web analytics and Google Analytics consultants, we offer a variety of reports that can identify what is holding your website back and determine the next steps on the road to success.


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Expert Website Audits

The website, widely known as owned media, Website SEO Services is still the bedrock of most digital marketing campaigns because the website owner is in control. Organic reach on social channels can change like the wind, without much notice. So, build the foundation of your digital presence on solid ground by making your website the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy.

Once visitors arrive at your website, it is critical that the content creates engagement and converts them into prospects or customers. In today’s 24/7 culture, the website is still where we go with the intent to make decisions and buy, so they can get on with our lives.

When your website loads slowly or is not mobile-friendly, or if your content and website design don’t motivate your audience to engage with your brand, it’s time for a web analytics expert to perform a website audit.

Don’t forget about the search engine bots! They also have to crawl the website. Making it easy for them to find your relevant content and store it in the indexed database is important for ranking purposes. Also, your meta tags will influence the click-thru rate on search engine results pages. Google Analytics Audit

So, how effectively does your website convert visitors into prospects and customers today?

If you are a website owner getting less than you expect out of your website, we can help. As web analytics and Google Analytics consultants, we offer a variety of reports that can identify what is holding your website back and determine the next steps on the road to success.

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Technical Website Audit

To get visibility on the search engines a website must be set up so that the search engine spiders (aka web crawler) can navigate the content. Site architecture, coding problems, thin content, and missing tags can all contribute to a lack of search engine visibility and poor user experience. Below is a list of issues we identify for you in our Technical Website Audit.

# On-page issues and metrics

  • Discover titles, descriptions, and other meta tags that need updating
  • Verify accuracy of Sitemap.xml
  • Confirm Robots.txt
  • Missing Schema code
  • Conduct mobile-friendly and website speed tests
  • Find pages with coding errors that slow down your website
  • Internal linking assessment
  • Locate thin and duplicate content pages
  • Identify URL errors and missing redirects
  • Find images that don’t have an alt attribute

# Off-page issues and metrics

  • Run citation reports determining NAP inconsistencies and power listings
  • Trust Flow measures how closely your website is linked to known, trusted websites
  • Identify external link metrics
  • Recommend action steps to correct your technical and content issues

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Google Analytics Audit

How are users navigating your website? Where do they come from; Social, Search, other websites? What click path do they use most often to convert? What can you learn from Google Analytics data to improve website performance? Is your Google Analytics installation set up properly and measuring all page views and goal conversions? Listed below are items included in our basic package that can help you make business decisions and improve the performance of your website.

# Audience Reporting

  • A big part of user context comes from Audience Reporting
  • Learn about your visitor’s demographics and Interests including Affinity
  • Categories and In-Market Segments
  • What visitor locations is your website serving? What devices and browsers are used?
  • Behavior reporting including new vs returning, frequency &recency, and level of engagement
  • Users flow report shows how visitors navigate your site in one visual image

# Acquisition Reporting

  • What sources (channels) drive traffic to your website:direct, paid, organic search, or referral (includes social media)?
  • Which channels are assisting conversions?
  • Which channels are used for the final conversion?
  • What geographic areas are visitors coming from?
  • What are their demographic and interest profiles?

# Behavior Metrics

  • Do visitors stay, or do they bounce off the site without even one click?
  • What pages did they leave the site from (exit)?
  • How long do visitors stay on your website?
  • How many pages did they view?
  • What pages were viewed most/least
  • What keywords are used while searching content on your site?
  • What was the most popular click path to conversion?

# Conversions

  • Are your visitor engagement goals established and setup?
  • What goals are converting or not
  • Are you getting opt-ins for your email blasts, PDF downloads, video plays and requests to contact?
  • What does your best customer look like?
  • What products are driving the most revenue?
  • Dashboard setup
  • Periodic Google Analytics reporting via email

# Advanced Segments

  • Valuable insights into your best customers or prospects can be gleaned using advance segments
  • What content are they consuming
  • What is driving conversions on your website
  • What differentiates converters vs non-converters

# Tools For Google Analytics Audit

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

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# Additional Google Analytics Services

  • Universal Analytics (UA) Installation
  • Google Tag Manager installation
  • Event tracking setup – downloads, video plays, clicks
  • Google Ecommerce Tracking setup
  • Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking setup

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Keyword Ranking Report

Search Engine Rankings –Search Engine Optimization (SEO)can significantly increase the number of leads in your sales funnel).In Q1 2016 Google was processing about 3 billion searches per day!Where are you ranked for keywords that your prospects search for every day? It’s important to get ranked high on page 1. Here’s why.

In this MOZ 2014 study the first 3 organic search positions accounted for 55% of the total number of clicks. Your keyword rankings on page 2 and beyond bring in virtually no traffic.

Our Keyword Ranking Report will give you a good picture of where your website ranks vs your competition,for relevant keywords. Not all keywords are created equal. Some will be much harder to get ranked on page 1 for. With our report you will learn which keyword themes are opportunities to attack with a high probability of eventually ranking on page 1. Below is a list of items included in the Keyword Ranking Report.

# What we discover/report about your keyword rankings

  • Popular keywords used for your industry – Reported with search counts and organized by Keyword themes. These groups of similar keywords,quantified together, reveal the big ideas which your potential customers are most often searching. Our report will also uncover many long tail phrases that you can use in your copy that minimize the need to stuff keywords. This provides for a better user experience, the main focus of Google. Also,they are great buying phrases, those used at the end of the buyer’s journey.
  • Google ranking report for your domain – A list of keywords you and your top 4 competitors rank for on Google, by keyword theme. This report shows where you are ranking well and where your competition is ranking better. If you have thin content, this report will identify who’s doing better and give you clues on how to improve.
  • Domain Authority(DA) – How does your website stack up against your competition? This index of more than 120 important ranking signals will give you valuable insight.Compare your DA to competitors to determine how aggressive you can be with keyword difficulty. Be careful to target keywords that you can compete on.
  • Social Report – Social channels, likes, follows, friends, visits to the website, etc.
  • Keyword Difficulty – A rating for each keyword in your report on a scale of 100 showing how hard it is to get ranked on Google. This metric is important to measure along with search counts and keyword relevance when you are in the keyword selection process.

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