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Monthly Website Performance Tracking

Staying on top of your website performance requires constant diligence; you need expert Orange County digital marketing strategy services. The web is a very dynamic environment that website owners can only influence, not control. A nimble approach that responds accordingly and quickly is the formula for success.

When we provide our Orange County website monitoring services, there are several major performance factors to keep an eye on; Keyword Ranking on major search engines by device, acquisition by channel, visitor audience & behavior metrics, and conversion tracking. Monthly reporting with periodic Dashboard reviews can help you stay on top of important website performance details.

Keyword performance tracking is one important performance metric that we track as part of our Orange County digital marketing strategy services. Keyword rankings, either organic or paid, influence website traffic, which influences leads, conversions and sales. When rankings go down, that is a warning sign that website traffic may be adversely affected. Content may need to be updated or added. Your website may have speed issues or may not be providing a good user experience (i.e. high bounce rate). So tracking your keyword performance can be an early warning system to drive action.

Many other performance factors can be measured in Google Analytics. Keeping an eye on important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can also give you timely input that will help in website decisions. A Dashboard can provide quick access to important metrics, so you can monitor our Orange County digital marketing strategies. Diving deeper into your audience profile, sources of your traffic, behavior metrics and your website conversions is essential to understanding your prospects and customers. Access to this information can drive decision-making that creates a better user experience and more conversions. Here’s what’s included:



# Monthly Keyword Reports

  • Organic keyword rankings on all three major search engines
  • Separate mobile, desktop and local map results by keyword
  • Chart of overall keyword changes by month

# Google Analytics Reports

  • Sessions and visitor behavior, including events and conversions
  • Get notifications when problems come up or goals are surpassed
  • Custom Dashboards for easy access to performance data 24/7
  • Channel Report tells you what source/medium your traffic came from
  • Conversion Report identifies the sources of traffic that are converting best
  • Behavior metrics identify how long and deep visitors crawl your site
  • Conversions – What actions have you influenced visitors to take? Are you getting opt-ins for your email blasts, PDF downloads, video plays and requests to contact? Where are your sales coming from? What does your best customer look like? What products are driving the most revenue?
  • Other valuable reports are available regarding devices used, visitor flow charts, recency/frequency, on-site search and manymore.

# Monthly Website Performance Tracking – Call for Pricing

# Additional Google Analytics Services

  • Google Tag Manager – Keep your Universal Analytics code private, install tracking codes without editing site code, reduce errors, and improve tracking accuracy
  • Establishing goals could be the most profitable piece of the Google Analytics puzzle. Measure the success of your website at converting visitors into prospects and customers
  • Measure the success of your content with events like clicks, downloads & video plays
  • Setup custom Dashboards for easy access to data at any time
  • Measuring Campaigns thatdrive website traffic to your site helps define success and provides the data you need to make strategic marketing decisions
  • Ecommerce setup helps you measure your sales success and what products are driving revenue, including average order value, your ecommerce conversion rate, time to purchase, and other data.
  • Enhanced ecommerce
  • Intelligence Events
  • Cross Domain Tracking

# Additional Google Analytics Services – Call for Pricing