About Us


Hi, my name is Steve and I manage and own SRP Digital Marketing, an Orange County digital marketing company that is here to help you achieve amazing success, navigating the complex world of online marketing. We’ve been in continuous operation serving small and mid-sized businesses with marketing services since 1991.

Our History

In the beginning, we offered printing and graphic design services. In 2008, we began to learn about SEO and digital marketing. By 2019 we had worked with 100’s of marketing partners, managers and owners providing keyword research, competitive analysis, SEO audits and SEO services. This also included monthly reporting for ranking, traffic and conversions…including Google Analytics analysis.

SRP Digital Marketing Today

Today, due to our expanded relationships and team, we’re able to offer a full suite of Orange County digital marketing services that include website development, SEO audits, SEO strategy, SEO campaigns, Pay-per-click and Social paid advertising, content for website and blogs, website and email hosting and Google Analytics consulting.

Of course, it takes a variety of skill sets, both technical and creative to offer all these services and keep up with the ever-changing marketing landscape. That’s why we have over 25 (and growing) specialists that are really, good at their niche specialty. The confluence of a wide variety of skill sets helps us solve big marketing problems and deliver an amazing value proposition.


A Message From Steve

I’m a SoCal native born in Whittier and graduated from Rolling Hills High School and the University of Southern California (BS in Business Finance). Yes, I’ve been very blessed and spoiled living in this area…now residing in San Clemente. What a paradise. But I don’t take it for granted. I’ve been out of the OC bubble on mission trips and have seen how hard life can be for others less fortunate. And my heart goes out to so many, but especially young boys that have no father. That’s why I have been mentoring in the Big Brother Big Sister organization since 2011.

My biggest joy are my three adult children that all live here in the OC. Through their formative years we’ve enjoyed the beach life, soccer, softball, baseball, skiing, hiking, fishing and college football. Fight on USC Trojans! I’ve had the opportunity to coach many of their teams and watched them grow through competition and effort.

I also stay connected with the general marketing community by attending local community and national educational and networking events. I’ve served multiple terms on the board of directors of American Marketing Association of Orange County. First as the VP of Sponsorship and 2 terms as the VP of Programming. In the later role, I’ve enjoyed meeting many Marketing Leaders that have volunteered their time to educate our marketing community.

Public speaking is also a passion of mine. Industry association events allow me to present insights into digital marketing to business owners. I’ve also been a workshop leader at SCORE events throughout Orange County for the last several years teaching on SEO, content marketing and Google Analytics.

Our Mission

The same heart we have for the fatherless applies to our customers and their digital marketing. Many have no interest in managing an SEO or PPC campaign. And they are not sure where to start to build a website or repair one that is not producing leads and sales. Their focus is on growing their business. Owners and managers just want to see an increasing trend of website visitors that engage with their content and convert into paying customers. As an Orange County digital marketing company, we understand our role is to offer marketing services that provide a return-on-investment, and spend client marketing dollars as if they were our own.

Low Risk Marketing Services

Due to nefarious business practices by less reputable digital marketing firms in the past, we recognize the stigma that surrounds our industry. Ineffective campaigns and smoke-and-mirrors reporting have soured the taste of our industry for many. That is why we offer very, low-risk, marketing campaigns that you can try without selling the farm.

We offer PPC management with below-market management fees and pricing. Check out our PPC page for more details. We provide SEO services with no startup fees and no long-term contracts. Our success depends on your success. And, we have an SEO performance guarantee! Check out our SEO page for more details

Free Marketing Assessment Offer

Before we begin any kind of campaign for customers, we want to make sure that there is a good fit and that expectations are within reasonable outcomes. That’s why we offer free assessments in advance of any formal agreements. Please reach out for your no-charge assessment to get a good idea of what SRP Digital Marketing, an Orange County digital marketing company, can deliver for your hard-earned money.

Steven R. Pitchford,  Owner

SRP Digital Marketing