When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), most people are not sure what to expect. Google’s algorithms may seem to require a little experience, and it is not clear what sort of results SEO can provide. That’s why it is important to go to an expert with your SEO questions. At SRP Digital Marketing, we work with our clients to explain the process and demonstrate how SEO can help you find customers and drive sales.

At its most fundamental level, SEO strategy is about improving your business’ presence online. This is accomplished by making it easier to find your website through search engines like Google. SEO works by helping Google associate your website with popular keywords audiences are using. By doing this, your website will begin to achieve higher ranking positions. These positions are considered “organic.” They are not the paid ranking positions accessible through the Google Ads program. (Google Ads are called pay per click, or PPC, and are another way to improve traffic to your business.) Rather, organic ranking positions are the results Google returns based upon the keywords entered in the search bar. These positions are called organic because they cannot be purchased or influenced directly. Instead, Google crawls websites and attempts to return the best results based upon thousands of factors. By optimizing your website according to basic SEO strategy principles, Google is encouraged to return your website at a higher ranking position.

Most Google users will click on the first few organic positions to find what they are looking for. Because of this, having good rankings on Google can greatly improve your website’s traffic. This audience is highly motivated to convert, since they have already taken the steps to carry out a search to find something they are looking for. If your website ranks highly for your target keywords, you will have access to a large group of potential customers searching for your products or services. This is how SEO helps improve your sales and grow your business. SRP Digital Marketing can track the impact of your SEO campaign’s success using our conversion tracking tools.

There are three key SEO strategies SRP Digital Marketing uses to improve a website’s presence on Google.

  1. On-Page Technical: Many aspects of a webpage can affect your site’s ranking position. Our on-page technical optimization may involve changes to metadata, layout, and functionality. Sometimes this strategy can overlap with aspects of web design, another service offered by SRP Digital Marketing. 
  2. Off-Page Link Building: Link building is about improving a website’s reputation with Google by gathering backlinks from trusted sources. Backlinks are direct links to your website on internet directories and other sites. When Google sees a website has many reliable backlinks, it considers the website to be more authoritative and helpful.
  3. Content: The actual wording used on a webpage has a significant impact on how Google views it. Pages with large blocks of informative text are easier for search engines to understand and are considered more helpful. Intelligent keyword placement and proper wording will improve a page’s ranking around those topics.

To learn more about SEO and how our professional team can help, reach out to us at SRP Digital Marketing today.